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Kelvin Aikens-Doctor of Ministry

Ann Iorg

 Kon Hwon Yang

Who We Are


The Mt Zion School of Theology, is a ministry in partnership with Gateway Seminary.  The purpose is to provide community members an opportunity to go deeper in their biblical studies and sharpen key skills for ministry. 


This certificated program provides students an exciting opportunity to grow and expand kingdom ministry in the local church and beyond.  This program can also lead to Master’s level training. 


The Mt. Zion School of Theology provides quality training programs for evangelism, Christian studies, preaching, pastoral ministries, women's ministry, children’s ministry, chaplains ministry, peer counseling, church planting and more. Mt Zion School of Theology will offer on-campus and online (hybrid) courses that will equip and fulfill your calling.

Training Courses

Biblical Hermeneutics 

Children's Ministry

New Testament

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