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BUSINESS TO BUSINESS / CDC'S MISSION is to equip business owners and entrepreneurs for ethical and financial success and to network and encourage one another in fruitful business to business connections. We are excited about bringing the church, community, and the online community together in the marketplace to patronize businesses through evangelism and discipleship.


We look forward to making contributions for building God’s Kingdom through Mt. Zion Church and beyond.

  • Our Vision is to bring glory to God in all that we do as business leaders.

  • Our Scriptural Foundation is Col 3:23, NIV

MtZB2B/CDC respects the time restraints of business owners and entrepreneurs, therefore, we offer a video newsletter in lieu of monthly meetings and we sponsor quarterly events.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

This is an outreach opportunity to get more business members engaged in the business Bible study and to explore other possibilities for growth within the business 2 business ministry

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Open for Business

Mt. Zion Church of Ontario

224 W. California Street,
Ontario, CA 91761

Chair: Dana Booker

Phone: 909-983-2411 ext 105


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