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Classic Car Ministry

Our Story

We are a group of Christian motoring enthusiasts who
have a common interest in following Jesus and enjoying
classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other interesting vehicles.

About Us

We aim to foster a community where we can live out our
Christian values, and be a light to the world. Where classic
car, truck, & motorcycle buffs - whether new or seasoned
enthusiasts - can join together to gather information and
share their ideas, experiences, and stories. Ultimately,
every classic car, truck, and motorcycle is both a
functional machine and an emotional treasure. We want to
increase the level of both for our community members.


Pastor Richard Young

Has been a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Ontario CA. for forty-one years and is currently the Executive (Assistant) Pastor for the last twenty years. He has also been a classic car enthusiast and enjoys restoring classics.

224 W. California Ave, Ontario, California 91762

ext. 114

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