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Various times & Locations


Pastor Richard Young

Phone: 909-983-2411 ext 114

The vision of the Evangelism Ministry is to lead Mt. Zion in evangelism by recruiting, training, and leading members to engage in diverse community outreach efforts, to do follow-up home visitations, and to provide evangelistic support for every Mt. Zion sponsored event. 

The purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is to equip believers to share the love of God, model that love, and win people to Christ.  Also, to make people feel welcome when they enter the church (greeter), visit people who are interested in our church and glorify God by spreading the salvation message of Jesus Christ through all activities and organizations of the church. The Evangelism team ventures out into the community and invites people to discover what faith in Jesus Christ means.  Flyers pertaining to various events taking place at the church are distributed throughout the community.. 


The vision of this ministry is to engage the World for Christ. Mt. Zion conducts ministry in Africa, St. Vincent, and Tchula, MS.

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